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The Seven Tenets ...

In the tradition in which I was trained, the Seven Tenets serve as guide posts on our spiritual journey. They show us the ideals for which we must strive. While we know that we will not be perfect in them while we walk our path, by working ever toward their mastery, we know what we are maintaining forward movement along the Path of Light.

Tenet of Balance

Within yourself; health, peace, acceptance that all things in nature are beautiful and have purpose; being physically and mentally intuned.


Tenet of Harmony

Deals with the harmony of yourself with people, friends and relations, and being able to deal with the human element of others without letting it upset your balance within you.


Tenet of Trust

Where there is love there must be trust, without trust there can be no love.


Tenet of Humility

Not pride (arrogance) but yet a love of self and an understanding of “self” so that self can help others.


Tenet of Tolerance

For you must restrict anger and refuse to speak ill of another... we are all human.


Tenet of Learning

Once we acknowledge we don’t know we can begin to learn as true Witches. We will always be students.


Tenet of Love

This is considered the "unwritten tenet". To even attempt to describe this greatest principle would be to limit it.

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