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Be a hero

Here's the thing about Libras ... we like harmony. We are quite happy to put our own wishes and needs aside if the consensus prefers to do something else. Just as long as everyone is relatively happy and everything is fair, we're good. But when our hackles are raised by an injustice or we see someone we love hurt by someone's callous disregard ... we are fully capable of unleashing hell.

I have watched throughout the election as it shredded the last remnants of unity this country shared. The hatred, fear, and just plain paranoia that rose to the forefront was incredibly hard to fathom. I could never understand how anyone sane could have such backward thinking. I was one of those who became motivated to act in a way I had never felt necessary before. I went so far as to volunteer in a local campaign office, even trying my hand at canvassing in order to do my part to make sure that this caustic vitriol died the quick death it deserved.

But as we all know, those efforts, though not wasted, did not bear the fruit we wished it to bear. Now we were faced with weeks watching this inept, infantile, presidential-wannabe make one bad decision after another. While those who voted against him were told to "give him a chance", his very first act proved our worst fears correct when he chose a white supremacist as his closest a

dviser. And every adviser and cabinet choice he made just followed in that same pattern. While his spokespeople did their best to hide the ugliness behind the curtain and blame the media for just doing their job, he was busy playing at government like a spoiled toddler knocking over his blocks when they don't line up just like he wants them to.

I have taken some amount of refuge in the solidarity I find on social media. Watching the women's marches around the globe was just too inspiring for words to express adequately. I had never in my life been so proud of being a woman, a progressive, a believer in equality, an LGBTQ+ ally, a pagan ... really I was proud to be a fellow human being that day. We must carry that light forward and not lose the momentum such acts have shown that we have.

Because the work is just getting started. The news yesterday was filled with talk of the gag orders and freezes placed on our vital government agencies and the disappearance of climate change and other issues from various websites. And this morning, I woke to news that this madman is about to sign another executive order blocking refugees from finding safe haven on our shores and refusing entry from anyone from a Muslim country. This madman and his henchmen, those in the White House, as well as those in both the House and the Senate who support his actions, are actually turning our imperfect, beloved republic into a fascist regime. This must not be allowed.

So this is a call to action. In true Libra fashion, we must tip the scales back to fairness and justice. Make no mistake, the other side is weighted heavy with greed, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, paranoia, love of power, and shear ego. But, as the women's marches showed us, we are many more than they anticipated and even the lightest feather will still add weight.

So be a hero and help us tip the scales back to progress and hope ... even the smallest action is vital.

  • If you can run for office to help get these people out, then you are a hero.

  • If you can volunteer on a campaign or help bombard a representative with letters and phone calls, you are a hero.

  • If you can stand up for someone when you see them bullied or afraid, be a hero.

  • If all you can do is wear a safety pin to let someone know that they can be safe around you, then you are a hero.

The scales will tip back. It is inevitable. For in the end, love trumps hate.

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