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Beginning ... again.

25 years ago this month I took my first determined steps on the ancient path. 25 years ... a quarter of a century ... I am trying not to feel old right now.

Little did I know at the time where those steps would lead and how my entire life would change. This path has brought me so much laughter and heartache, joy and pain. It has kept me grounded and humble when I've needed it, and it has lifted me up and healed me when I was most shattered. I have freely given my blood, sweat, and tears all in the service of the Lord and Lady and that which is behind and beyond them. I have sacrificed much over the years, but I do believe that I have gained more than I've lost.

Now, after spending a few years focusing on my husband and son, and healing from the bumpy ride of my life, I find myself starting over. The Gods have given me this new and wondrous opportunity to serve once again. I know my role now is to teach and share what I have learned from my journey thus far. It sounds simple, but for those who understand, you know that nothing about this work is ever as simple as it seems. For someone who has learned in a very specific way and taught in a very specific way for over half my life, now I must learn and share in a whole new way. This isn't about teaching one tradition, but showing that there are many ways to walk the path of the Old Gods. It is about teaching others how to tap into their own sense of Spirit and hear that voice for themselves. How this new journey will unfold is still a stubborn mystery to me. And I have learned many times over, that Gods will not reveal their plan too quickly. My job right now is to teach what I know to whoever comes to me. Where the path leads from there will manifest over time.

I just have to be okay with that.

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