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Willow-Duir's Laws for Graceful Living


1.  Learn to laugh at yourself ... practice this at every opportunity.



2.  Find the joy in your life.



3.  Follow your dreams. If you are not willing to pursue them, no one else will do it for you.



4. Strive to live a life of authenticity and integrity. You are only as good as your word.



5.  You will make mistakes. Get used to it. Just learn from them and move on.



6.  Look to the past to get the lessons. Look to the future to set your course. Exist in the present.



7.  Do not try to make sense of everything in your life. If you spend too much time analyzing it, you won’t spend enough time living it.



8.  It is often said that the gods do not give you anything that you can’t handle.

Actually, on occasion they do. Sometimes the greatest lesson is simply to learn how to ask for help.



9. When unsure of your next step, trust Spirit and keep your intentions pure.



10.  You can have faith in the magick of the gods, faith in the magick of others and faith in your own magick. The first instills devotion, the second instills grace and the third instills all possibility.


11. Trust the Process, trust the Tradition, trust the Laws, and above all, trust yourself.



12.  Seek the center of the storm.

How can you be of help to anyone if you are caught up in the chaos?



13.  Commune daily with Spirit. This does not mean you must necessarily stop what you are doing and

spend a half hour meditating. It often simply means that while you are mired in the chaos of your day,

to just be mindful that Spirit is all around and within you.



14.  Every day is a new chance to be the person you have always wanted to be.



15. In dark times, submit your will to that of the Lord and Lady.

Just remember … they can work some incredible magic!



16.  Do not be easily offended. Respond to the intention,

not to words or deeds which can often be misunderstood.



17. Do not look for reasons to be angry. Instead, look for reasons not to be.



18.  If you have reason to complain about a problem, do something to fix it.

If you chose not to, then stop complaining.



19.  Be mindful of what you bring with you into any situation.

Do you bring harmony or discord?



20.  Remember you are responsible for the choices you make in life

… including the choice not to act.



21.  When in doubt, look to the tenets.



22.  If you truly wish to learn something, you need to teach it.



23.  You should always be learning something new ... and find joy in discovery.



24.  The Craft should not feed your ego, but find something in your life that does.



25.  Your relationship to the gods should not be a constant struggle.

If it is, maybe you aren't speaking to them in the right language.



26.  Actively work with some divinatory tool. Not only does it exercise your psychic channels,

but it also teaches you how to listen to and understand Spirit.



27.  The tenets are not just ideals. They are skills that require constant practice.

Think of them as verbs instead of nouns.



28.  No one can judge the circumstances of your life or the choices you make unless they are standing

in your shoes. Remember this before you judge someone else.



29.  Your life has not been a random series of events. Everything that you have experienced

(both the good and the bane) has gone into making you who you are today.

Everything … no exception.



30.  Work to balance the elements in your life.

Just because you have more of an affinity towards one or another does not mean

that you have a healthy relationship with that element. Conversely, just because you don’t 

see the influence of one or another in your life, does not mean you are closed off from it.



31.  Accustom yourself to the fact that you cannot control everything; nor should you if you could. 

Attempts to do so can feel like slamming your head into a very hard and immoveable wall.



32.  To serve does not mean you are a doormat. When someone asks something of you, be honest in your ability to do it. If you can, then do so happily. If you cannot, then say so. It is better to be upfront with a

gentle “no” than to promise you will and then find that you can’t.



33.  Do one thing every day that is for you, one thing every day that is for someone elseand one thing every day that is for Spirit. Expect nothing in return.


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