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~~~ Living the Path Series ~~~

Whether you call it Paganism, Wicca, the Craft, or what have you, Willow brings her 25 years of experience living and teaching this path to help you separate the fact from fiction, and show you the joy and beauty of a path that is both infinitely simple, yet profoundly complex.

Introduction to Magickal Spirituality

Today's pop culture is full of references to the Craft, Wicca, Paganism and magick. But what does all that really mean? Are there really people out there who believe it? How do I know what is true and what is just fantasy?  This 2-part workshop will help you to see what this path is truly about. This overview will help you separate the fact from fiction, and give you a basic understanding of what it is like to walk this path in a practical, down-to-Earth way.
Both classes are open to all who are interested. And you don't have to attend one to attend the other. Whether you are interested for yourself, want to learn what a loved one is pursuing, or just enjoy learning new things, these workshops will give you a basic overview of this fast-growing spiritual system.

Part 1: Why We Walk This Path

Part 1 will focus on the spiritual beliefs and the history of the Craft. You will learn how it developed from simple village traditions, through the challenges of persecution and misplaced fears, to the ups and downs of its current pop culture status. This class answers the question of “WHY we walk this path”.

Part 2: How We Walk This Path

Part 2 will explore the tools, techniques, and both the ancient and modern practices used that allow us to live in harmony with the world around us as well as to effect change when the need arises. This class answers the question of “HOW we walk this path”.
Please note that you do not have to attend part 1 in order to attend part 2.

Walking a Magickal Path

This workshop is designed as an exploration of the mindset and attitudes you bring to your Spiritual Path. The path is not for the timid; those afraid of making mistakes or afraid of words like “personal responsibility” or “Karma”. To walk this path with grace, you must first learn to embody the magick around you, to embrace our own responsibility and become friends with Karma. We will discuss how to walk this path with a heart open to abundance, a mind open to the impossible, and a spirit open to the wonders around us all.

History & Foundations of the Craft

If it were not for the countless generations that came before you, you would not be here. This is a fact of everyone’s life, regardless of the spiritual path they choose to walk. It is in the DNA of the Craft that we honor and learn from those who blazed the trail you now seek to follow. This class will give you an overview of those who came before, both in ancient days as well as in the modern Craft … what they added to the Craft of today, but also what they suffered so that you could practice in safety and freedom.

The Tenets & Laws

Magickal Spirituality is a path of personal responsibility. As such, every tradition … every practitioner … has their own set of laws governing their behavior and use of the tools of the Craft. This session with discuss many of them and illustrate that it is not about just imposing rules, but to give you an understanding of WHY having a set of guiding principles is important to your own personal practice.

Care & Feeding of the Practitioner

So many spiritual practitioners I have met over the years have spent so much of themselves helping others, that they wind up burning themselves up in the process. It is only natural when this path tends to draw people who love helping others. However, you do no good if you have nothing of yourself left to give. This workshop will teach you tools and techniques to maintain your own well-being and keep you spiritual fed so that you, in turn, can keep feeding others.

Magickal Names

One of the most often misunderstood tools in the Craft is the adoption of a magickal name. Between the meaning, cultural background, mythology, numerology, and many other aspects that go into a name, choosing a name can be daunting. This workshop will give you practical advice on researching, choosing, and carrying a magickal name.

Vision Work & Bi-Locating

Similar to astral travel, vision work is putting your conscious self in your astral body and going for a journey on the other side of the veil. Many of those who first try this don’t know what to expect or freeze due to fear. Using safe and well-worn paths, Willow will help guide you through the process and teach you techniques that will help you will feel secure enough to explore on your own.

Psychic Development

We all have a way of communicating with Spirit, the Gods, the Fae, the Ancestors, ghosts, what have you. The challenge tends to be in figuring out our own particular method, be it through hearing, sight, touch, or just knowing. This workshop will give you techniques for finding, developing, and controlling your innate ability.

Working with Faery

Faery Seership is a particular way of working directly with the Spirits of the Land. It is built on the premise that true spiritual healing comes from working in partnership with Faery. In fact, we are two sides of one coin and only by working together can true spiritual change occur. Willow will introduce you to the tools and techniques used in this powerful and transformative practice.

The Lady

The Three-Fold Goddess is at the center of our Magickal Path. She is the Maiden who runs with the wild things of the forest. She is the Mother who nourishes us from her breast and cares for us when we are ill in body or spirit. And she is the Crone who teaches her wisdom to the coming generations. This workshop will explore her many facets and help you to develop a relationship with She who is Never-Ending.

The Lord

Whether in the form of the Greenman, the Horned One, or the Holly King, the God has many aspects and many roles. He is the Consort of the Maiden, the Son of the Mother, and the Protector of the Crone. And in all this, he is the one who sacrifices himself every fall so that his children may live. This workshop will explore the mysteries of the Horned God and help you to find a balanced place in your life for He who is Ever-Watchful.

Creating Sacred Space

Whether it be a simple altar or a full-blown ritual circle, there are many, many ways of creating sacred space. Is it for a solitary working? A group ritual? To honor a specific deity? To cast a spelle? To just commune with Spirit? The reasons can be infinite. This workshop will explore the various ways to create sacred space in a variety of settings so that you can set the space appropriate for you.

The Unseen Ones

The Wheel of the Year

Herbalism & Incense

Esbats & Lunar Craft

Using Colors, Symbols & Alphabets

Working with the Elements

Astrology & Magick


Spell Work

Working with Energy

Ritual Development

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