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Divine Discontent ...

           Within each of us stirs a memory of our deepest, most rarified selves.  Longing to touch this indwelling state of being, we are motivated to seek, find, and learn.  However, we are never fully satisfied and are driven by a sort of “divine discontent” to continue to seek.


           Each question leads to an answer, which in turn leads to another question.  A never ending inward spiral to the source of all wisdom…the indwelling Child of Light, which is our “Higher Selves”, a mirror image of the Ancient One.


           Divine discontent is a state of restlessness that prevents us from spiritually stagnating.  The nature of the Universe is to fulfill itself through manifesting its nature in its myriad of forms and patterns.  Since we are the Universe focused into a point of manifestation, our souls are constructed for expansion, movement, and perpetual transformation.  In fact, if it appears that a soul is not growing, it will manifest change, through chaos if necessary, to force evolution.


           Therefore, do not be dismayed if you find that all of your questions are not answered or that the more you learn, the more you find that you do not know.  Such is the path of spiritual evolution, and if you are experiencing these feelings then you are on the right road.  However, be wary of the moment you think that you have fully attained your needed level of spiritual development and wisdom. That is the surest sign that you have tripped on your own ego.

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