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Introduction to the Tarot

The Tarot is an ancient divinatory art that has been used for centuries to help those seeking a different avenue of insight for their lives. But, when people first hear of the Tarot, most will picture a bejeweled woman telling them they will meet a tall dark stranger.  And, although it has been used for centuries to give people a glimpse into the future, it has so many more uses that are often overlooked, but even more important.  Its main purpose, regardless of whether it is telling us of the past, present or future, is to tell us about our deepest selves: that which we may not be able to see for ourselves. Discover the history, uses and legends surrounding this unique tool … and learn a little about yourself in the process. 

Practical Cleansing & Protection Spelles

Have you ever walked into a room after someone in it had an argument or just suddenly found that your mood had taken a nose dive for no good reason? Have you found yourself being suddenly clumsy or having a run of "bad luck". Often this can be a sign that you have picked up some bad energy. This most often occurs through chance, but can occasionally come from someone's ill intent. This workshop will teach you many of the simple cleansings and other protective practices that you can do to fix these issues and stay clear of unwanted influences in your life. 

Incense & Herbs for Beginners

Crafting Prosperity Spelles

More to come ...

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