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Chants ...

Blessing Before a Meal

Mother Darksome and divine

Bless our food and bless our wine

Bring us health, wisdom, and wealth

The Divine Three

And as our will

So mote it be!

General Processional/Clearing Chant

(repeated over and over until you reach destination)

Black Spirits, White Spirits,

    Red Spirits, Grey!

Come ye! come ye! 

    Come all that may!

Around and around,

    throughout and about!

All the good Spirits stay in! 

    All the bad, stay out!

May Day Invocation

Sing of Joy, Sing of Spring

Call the Birds, Dance the Ring

Colors about on this new day,

Welcome the season

Bring in the May!

Goddess Chant


Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna

Child's Prayer

(written to help my son on rough days)

May the Lord & Lady watch over me, protect me,

and help me to be the good person I know I am inside.

More to come ... 

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