November 10, 2016

So where do we go from here? The unthinkable has happened and we are all now trying to wrap our heads around the implications. The news today was just chock full of worst case scenarios of how a Trump presidency could undo all of the gains we have made in the last four years. Friends and loved ones, immigrants to this country who worked hard to become citizens and be apart of the American dream, are all wondering if they should leave. Will reproductive rights be stripped, will Don't Ask/Don't Te...

November 8, 2016

It is over ... finally. After countless months of listening to the worst political vitriol any of us have ever encountered, we live in a country in which friend and family now see each other as the enemy. Regardless of who we, ourselves, supported, we stare at each other aghast, thinking "how could they vote for someone so vile, so evil?" 

But now it is over. It doesn't even matter who has won. What matters now is how to bring this country back together, how to heal the wounds that this hateful c...

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