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A little bit about myself ...

This is always an interesting and difficult question. Since it hard to just describe myself, I am going to do this as a question and answer. If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask. If several of you ask the same question, I will see if it is appropriate to add it here.

So you call yourself a witch ... what does that mean?

Yes, I do call myself a witch. I practice what is often referred to a as Witchcraft or, as I prefer to call it, the Craft. Some would refer to it as Wicca, but that is more a specific group of traditions that come out of British Traditional Witchcraft. What I do is very similar. I worship the Old Gods; I honor and work with the Elements, the Ancestors, as well as the Spirits of the Land in which I reside. I also work magick for myself and those around me, usually for healing, protection, prosperity, and personal growth.



Where did you get your training?

I began my training as a traditional witch when I joined Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion in Laurel, MD in 1991. I studied and was initiated into Celtic Traditional Witchcraft which traces its lineage back to the Lady Circe of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion in Toledo, OH. Lady Circe was a devoted and formidable servant to the Lady and Lord and I was very blessed to have known her before she passed. 


Along side the tradition of Lady Circe, my formal training also has elements of Alexandrian Wicca, Stregha, Appalacian Folk, as well as a more than healthy dose of Faery Seership. I received my 2nd and 3rd degrees through Foxwood and ran a group of my own in Roanoke, VA called Rosewood for about 14 years.



So what other stuff do  you know?

In addition to my more esoteric training, I also have an academic degree in Classical Studies with a specialization in dead languages (Ancient Greek & Latin). Ancient, Classical, and Medieval history is a passion of mine and I have been studying it, both in and out of school, for most of my adult life. I am even currently teaching myself Ancient Akkadian and cuneiform ... yes, I am a geek!



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